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Web Development

With over 12 years of experience and multiple published books, web development is our specialty. We have built a variety of different web applications, everything from e-commerce to video encoding.

iOS Development

iOS development is one of our passions. We truly believe in the benefit and power of the mobile platform and to us iOS is the way to convey that message. We are always looking for the next idea that will allow us to build the next great app.

Dev Ops

Online security is more important than ever, you need a team that understands security standards and preventive measures that will keep your data safe. We can make sure that your infrastructure is not only secure but PCI compliant as well.

Here is some of our recent projects

Travel Lotto

We love working with startups and Travel Lotto is one that we are very proud of. We helped implement the entire web based system that lets you play games to win vacations!
See how we launched Travel Lotto


We created a way for independent video producers to distribute and monetize their content via iPhones and iPads.
Learn more about Vidwala

Park Lane Assistant

One of our customers wanted a iOS app for their entire ecommerce system so we created the a enterprise app that allowed us complete control over the distribution.
See our enterprise ecommerce solution

Park Lane Jewelry

We created the entire Park Lane Jewelry online system, from maintaining commission payouts for thousands of reps, to a fully integrated shopping cart.
Check out how we help Park Lane

Things we find interesting

Flash Still Sucking [Battery] ?

It hurts to see that Flash is still sucking as usual even in 2015! Well, it sucks so much that Google had been trying to get Adobe to fix it. Simply put, Flash sucks battery so much that Google would like Adobe to address that. One of the proposed solutions that they are working on is to pause Flash content as much as possible to save the CPU from running the bad code! Sounds like a root-canal procedure, right?

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First Impressions: Swift Away from Objective-Freaking-C

wift might be just what Apple needed to get the App store come up to par with Google Play in terms of app development efforts. Let’s face it, Objective-C is horrifically verbose and frankly who really needs to mess with pointers and memory management on his own? Unless you are building software for the next drone delivery system or cutting edge game with all things custom, you really shouldn’t need to mess with pointers. So we like Swift! It points you away from the pointers!

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Yah! Approves Our FCC Slow Lane Plugin

We know that even if all the Wordpress sites in the world used our new advocacy plugin — the FCC Slow Lane — to demonstrate to FCC what a “slow lane” to the internet feels like, there is a good chance that it won’t effective. But we can hope that it will and hope is a powerful state of mind. So we are hopeful and happy to announce that — the sole authority on public release of Wordpress plugin has approved our very first advocacy plugin! Yah!

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Avoiding Feature Creep in Your Web Site Project

Boundary-less, open-ended projects are subject to feature creep. Unfortunately, most website projects don’t have well defined scope. Since a website is a public face of an organization, typically there are too many stakeholders: marketing department, IT, the executives, etc. that asset themselves in a website project scope and increase the chances of feature creep: the creepy path to endless, useless features without intelligent design.

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Your EUR Rights to be Forgotten

Dear Fellow Americans: European Union, known for tough consumer privacy concerns, has finally handed Google and other search engines a new law that requires these services to “respect” the consumers rights to be “forgotten.”

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What makes us different?

We use existing core codebase to speed up programming, cut delivery time and cost. From designing an easy-to-use user interface to programming to cloud management, we do it all under one roof!
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