All You Can Eat SSH

We use SSH a lot to access dev/production servers to many super-geeky devices such as remote power strips, KVMs, storage devices, etc. Managing password based ssh access and remember non-standard ports become painful. And if you are new to ssh or command-line business like some web developers, it can be more painful. Here I will […]

Linux Command Line (cli) for PHP Programmers

One of the key interview questions that we ask our regular PHP developer candidates has to do with Linux command line. We often find most of the PHP programmers in the area are not well versed into Linux command-line and hence become pumpkins in our short lists. We are reasonably generous with our line of […]

iOS 7.1 Broke Enterprise App Deployment

This AM we were shocked that our enterprise users were not able to download our apps from our customer’s enterprise App store! It turned out some of the users upgraded to iOS 7.1 and alas they cannot download the apps from our enterprise app store any more! We were getting certificate error when we tried […]


Flappy Bird: What Goes Up Must Come Down!

Flappy Bird game has become the talk of all independent app developers who often find themselves wishing for a similar success. The Flappy Bird’s designer, Dong Nguyen, who is from Vietnam, enjoyed and surprisingly self-terminated is not the norm, it is the elusive lottery ticket that every promising app developer on iOS and Android platform […]