Engage the most published, professional and affordable web+app development team in Northern California for your next web site or app programming project. We use existing core codebase to speed up programming, cut delivery time and cost. From designing an easy-to-use user interface to programming to cloud management, we do it all under one roof! We work with startups to enterprise and earn trust by delivering on time and on fixed budget.


Meet our core team

  • Kabir, CEO EVOKNOW, Inc.

    Kabir M.

    Founder / CEO

    Kabir didn't learn programming reading a book! He wrote them since his early twenties! An avid web backend architect, kabir spends most of his time deciphering customer requirements for his team. More about Kabir

  • tim

    Tim L.

    Creative Director

    Tim strives to simplify what engineers like to complicate and over engineer. He is always wary of feature creeps in projects and steers everyone towards simplicity.

  • stephanie

    Stephanie L.

    Project Manager

    Stephanie listens to customers and identifies use cases that our team can realize into useful software: web or app.

  • lance

    Lance M.


    Lance and Kabir has been business partners for over a decade. Lance is the Wall Street guy in the company.

  • james

    James G.

    Software Engineer

    James routinely transforms sublime texts into widgets, modules, and reports in record speed while running linux on mac.

  • Josh E.

    Software Engineer

    Josh is an xcoder who plays in Apple's sandbox to create games to enterprise apps for ios.

  • no_pic

    Josh S.

    Jr. Software Engineer

    Josh joined our web team recently and already an active member of our weekly sprints.

  • no_pic

    Rachel C.

    Support Specialist

    Rachel leads our support team. A superb communicator who is quickly building our knowledge base and an inspiration for various internal automation and productivity tools.

Things we find interesting

  • The Heartbleed Briefing for the President

    Mr. President, there has been a security incident on the internet that has world-wide implications and therefore we wish to bring it to your attention. This widespread security issue is officially known as the CVE-2014-0160 vulnerability. Simply put, the stack of software that makes the security infrastructure of the internet work have been exposed to a major risk due to bad, unaudited programming practices in a single piece of free software called the OpenSSL. This critical software is used in anything from web servers to CISCO routers to smartphones and therefore the scale of the impact is world-wide. The CVE-2014-0160 has been nicknamed "heartbleed" as it relates to the heart beat extension of the OpenSSL software.

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  • All You Can Eat SSH

    We use SSH a lot to access dev/production servers to many super-geeky devices such as remote power strips, KVMs, storage devices, etc. Managing password based ssh access and remember non-standard ports become painful. And if you are new to ssh or command-line business like some web developers, it can be more painful. Here I will provide a list of tips and tricks that I use to enhance my SSH experience.

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  • If we wanted a BOXed solution, we would have gone off-the-shelf services. But we knew our business advantage is amplified by technology and we needed the right tech partner. Kabir's EVOKNOW is just the right partner for last nine years!

    VP, Direct Sales Enterprise

  • When Kabir talks about long term, he really means it. We have been with them for more than 8+ years and they keep bringing in new tech to us, which keeps us relevant to our customers and competitive with our competitors. You don't get all that from just a bunch of code-monkeys, you get that from Kabir without putting him in your executive team!

    David. R, CIO - PL USA

  • We needed a Web site and intranet for our growing company. EVOKNOW developed a Wordpress based solution so that we can get our business rolling without delay; we were up and running in under thirty days!

    M. Dove, SME

  • My startup needed a custom e-commerce solution that worked with 3rd-party fulfillment house that serviced Microsoft. EVOKNOW team understood the process quickly and built the automation needed to get us moving forward in record time!

    Lesley M., San Francisco Startup