Making the Case for Case Insensitivity … MySQL style

Recently, we ran into an odd situation… Our home-grown redirection service for shortened URL was not working as expected.  In other words, when a user entered a short URL like: https://shorturl/RZw She was being redirected to an unexpected end-point URL. At first, we thought that our memcache infrastructure has gone haywire! But quickly we learned […]

End of the Year Gadget Wishes that May Come True Soon!

We had no plan to refresh our official gears near the end of this year. But there are few “unfortunate” events that are forcing us to perform a minor refresh. We are pretty excited about them! Samsung Lights Up Pixel Being an Apple shop, we hardly buy non-Apple gears. So when our reluctantly purchased Samsung […]

Will I Buy iPhone 7?

iPhone 7 Plus, YES! Here are the four things I liked so far: Dual cameras on the back – 12MP (f/1.8, 28mm & f/2.8, 56mm) would be great for both wide-angle and portrait shots with good depth of field Quad core A10 processor should be much faster than iPhone 6x (40 to 50 percent improvement over […]

Linode Nodebalancers Not Ready for PCI DSS

We have been a happy Linode customer for awhile, over one and half years. This is a new relationship when we compare our involvement with Amazon AWS or even the old school data center deal with Hurricane Electric (HE).  So being relatively new with Linode, we had been exploring their services with optimistic exuberance. They had […]

Exploring MySQL Events for Database Only Tasks

Today, I was introduced to MySQL event scheduling by a staff member. Later in the evening when I do most of my  R&D, I wanted to explore how MySQL events work and compare against time-tested cron-based scheduling tasks.  Here are my two cents. The coolest thing about MySQL event scheduling is that you can create […]

Stat My Cloud

A few years ago we chose two cloud providers based on many factors. At the time of our decision to move from self-hosted server cabinets at Hurricane Electric, one of the best data centers in the world, we were looking for API-driven cloud provider with fastest spin time and SSD performance. We choose Linode as our […]

Building From Scratch: The Sin of Reinventing the Wheel

Building everything from scratch is dumb. What is dumber is to hire people who believe in making everything from scratch. I love those who have an itch for building things but when it comes to building production-grade solutions, building from scratch is the same sin as reinventing the wheel. In the hiring phase, we are […]

I now *might* have a reason to buy an Apple Watch! MacOS Sierra!

I won’t bore you with a minute-by-minute recap of the WWDC like million other Apple fan blogs. I can’t. I didn’t watch it as it happened. I had a busy day working on what I love — our next product and doing what I don’t like so much — interviewing Jr developer candidates who don’t […]

First there is JPEG, then came PNG and now WebP!

Can you picture the Internet without pictures? I hope not. Without the endless supply of user-generated contents in the form of photos, the whole internet would be just like the early 90s. Yup, the good old days of gopher (popular information client), rn (popular USENET news reader) and pine (email client). Internet has evolved to a storage […]

Why business-grade fiber is still too expensive in greater Sacaramento region

I cannot believe that we are still using coax cable-based Internet in Rocklin, California. We are still limited to 110 Mbps when 100 miles from here in the Bay Area companies are enjoying Gbps connectivity for a fraction of what it cost us. Why? Asking my local sales rep does not give much insight. It […]

MySQL 5.7.x Finally Natively Supports JSON Data Type – yay!

We have been using JSON everywhere for years. However, storing JSON data into MySQL DB was awful as TEXT data type was the only way. Not anymore! Now you can define MySQL table columns to be JSON type and do many JSON magic natively in the MySQL query level. Exciting! With the release of MySQL […]

ooma – eat your own dog food!

While auditing our business phone system, we realized that our ISP can provide us with bundled VoIP service for a 50% reduction in cost. Then I remembered hearing about Ooma on NPR.  I thought doing business with an NPR’s sponsor, Ooma, might be a good way to support NPR. So I called Ooma and quickly realized that […]

Understanding Demographic Diversity Distribution in Top Tech Companies

Recently, I have been getting a lot more LinkedIn requests than the usual. It appears that many of my Asian/Indian Intel friends at Folsom are rebuilding their social media reach by bulk importing their contacts from email clients to LinkedIn. I won’t blame them for doing bulk imports, after all, Intel’s massive layoff is creating […]

Real-time Transcription for Free – Thanks Google!

I am very interested in voice data in general. So needless to say I am always exploring ways to find good transcription services for our products and services. So today I was doing some prep work before my meeting with VoiceBase — a superb voice data company that does awesome things with your voice data. […]

Cheating Mandrill’s Domain Validation Check :)

Recently, I wanted to set up transactional email with webhooks for a brand new domain. I had two real options, set up Mandrill or Sendgrid. Both are great options. However, I have too much invested in Mailchimp for other projects so decided to go with the good old Mandrill solution.  But ran into the age-old […]

Worst Customer Service Fail Ever –

I think Amazon spoiled me.  I order tons of stuff for our company from Amazon on a daily basis. Amazon truly delivers when it comes to customer service!  Not only shopping on Amazon a fun experience, it is a great time saver and the best insurance policy for buying online. They will do the right […]

Fastest Way to Get an SSL Certificate in five minutes or less

Getting SSL certificates on for WordPress or any site is just a pain in the rear end! The typical process involves creating a private key for your server, then generating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR), and then you have to buy an SSL certificate from a Certificate Authority (CA). The CA takes your CSR and […]

Securing WordPress Against Brute-force Attacks on XMLRPC API

Just noticed one of our demo site acting sluggish so decided to check under the hood a bit. Noticed it is a little hotter than it should at the time of my check: # uptime 22:01:40 up 149 days, 23:52, 1 user, load average: 0.69, 1.29, 1.15 Hmm, lets see whats up with PHP running […]

Welcome to PiCraft

We had occasionally been tinkering with Raspberry PI for awhile for business applications.  Frankly, we had not been able to get the Raspberry PI to do what we needed with 1080p videos for our digital signage platform and so we moved away from PI to other compute units until PI 3 showed up on the […]